How God Makes Men

How God Makes Men is written by author Patrick Morley who is best known for The Man in the Mirror.

This was my first time reading Morley and I was admittedly nervous to read this book as I find most Christian books aimed at men are overly stereotypical and not much more than a parody of an actual Christian man. Thankfully this book wasn’t at all what I was fearing it would be, and in fact I think that even though many of the illustrations are targeted towards men, anyone could read this book and be inspired by the content. The truths expounded are biblical and the descriptions on how to live them out are very practical.

The book is made up of ten chapters each based on an individual from the Bible: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Job, Peter, and Paul. At the end of each chapter there are three questions for reflection and discussion, making it a great resource for small groups. The two stand out chapters for me were Gideon: The Principle of the Unexpected Leader and Nehemiah: The Principle of a Passionate Calling. As a pastor and a leader I found both of these chapters to be very compelling and convicting.

Here are a few stand out quotes from the book:

  • “Where does the power to persevere come from? It comes from the Holy Spirit, but it also comes from accurate knowledge, from having good theology” (p. 29).
  • “…God is more interested in the success of our character than the success of our circumstances” (p. 42).
  • “Our weaknesses is the ideal medium for God to display His power and presence” (p. 62).
  • “Our callings are about what God wants, what God is doing, what God is changing, what God is transforming” (p. 117).
  • “…making disciples is a choice between right and wrong, obedience and disobedience” (p. 137).

I would definitely recommend this book to men for either individual reading or a small group. How God Makes Men is an easy read while at the same time it has a lot of great insights and interesting looks at numerous people found in scripture.

For more on author Patrick Morley, check out his site or read his bio HERE. 

For additional information on this book, go HERE, and to read chapter one of this book, go HERE.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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