In honor of Korn’s newest record which was released this week (The Paradigm Shift), I decided to read Fieldy’s autobiography which was released in 2009.

If you are a fan of Korn, you will know that in 2005 guitarist Brian “Head” Welch left the band after giving his life to following Jesus and wanting to get clean and take care of his daughter. He went on to write an autobiography called Save Me From Myself (which is an excellent book) and to record two full length records: Save Me From Myself (under his own name) and Between Here and Lost (under the band name Love and Death – an unbelievable record). With the release of The Paradigm Shift, and to the excitement of all Korn fans, Head has rejoined the band.

Got the Life by Fieldy is a book on the spiritual transformation that has happened in his life. Unlike Head, Fieldy did not leave Korn when he turned his life around, but rather stuck with the band and his new found faith at the same time.

Got the Life is a very honest and transparent look at Fieldy’s life from childhood through the evolution and explosion of the bands popularity. What I appreciate about the book is that you can tell Fieldy although not proud at all about his past mistakes, doesn’t sugarcoat his faults and shares with brutal honestly the depths to which his life had sunk to, and all the pain he caused both family and friends.

The book is not necessarily written as a diary or journal, but it very much reads like one. Stories are very detailed and varied. If you are reading this as a conservative Christian, keep in mind this is an autobiography about a rockstar’s life (sex, drugs, and rock & roll). Although not gratuitous, Fieldy doesn’t shy away from describing the kind of life he was living. It really is a dramatic story of redemption, and by the time you get to the last couple of chapters you feel like it’s an all new author writing the book. The transformation is profound.

If you are a fan of Fieldy and Korn, this is a must read. If you are looking to read a book on how God can miraculously transform someone’s life even when they seem to be hopelessly lost, this book is a testimony to how great and powerful God is.



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