iDENTITY by Eric Geiger (co-author of Simple Church) was one of three books I read for a class I was teaching on our identity in Christ.

In the very first chapter Geiger points out that this book is not written from the perspective of a biblical scholar or theologian. While I agree that it is written more from a pastoral/devotional perspective with lots of illustrations, I think Geiger sells himself a little short as the book is deeper than he advertises.

The aspects of our identity in Christ covered in this book are:

  • You Are His Child
  • You Are the Priest
  • You Are the Bride
  • You Are His Servant
  • You Are God’s Friend
  • You Are an Alien
  • You Are His Ambassador

What I really appreciated about the book was the heavy emphasis on scripture and it was used in a way that makes it easily understood. Again, although the author says he is not all that scholarly, he does do a good job explaining the cultural context of numerous passages of scripture.

One of my favorite chapters was “You Are the Bride”. It was a convicting chapter, especially after his exposition of Hosea. Very powerful use of scripture to describe the relationship between God and His Church. Also the discussion on the role of confession in our relationship with God, to reestablish intimacy, was outstanding.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“…we must be careful not to approach the faith as a way to act ourselves into a new identity. Instead of beginning with identity, we often begin with behavior. The order is wrong. Our identity must be the starting point. When we understand who we are, we are motivated to live the reality of who we are” (p. 13).

“View your spiritual journey as a journey with God, not toward Him. View your daily life as an opportunity to live with God, not simply for God. Go to work with Him. Enjoy your leisure time with God” (p. 135).

“Your identity is from God and results in God being glorified. The end result of understanding your identity is that Christ is praised. The end result of knowing who you are in Christ is that you will honor and glorify God” (p. 192-193).

This book was a great resource for teaching on our identity in Christ, but I also think this book would be excellent in a small group setting. With its devotional leanings and abundance of illustrations, it would be a book anyone could read and understand. Also at the end of each chapter the author provides some reflection questions that would work great for a group.


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