I recently read the book Indescribable by Louie Giglio & Matt Redman in preparation for teaching on the bigness of God. The book talks about the glory of God as seen in the beauty of the universe. Initially I was worried it would just be a retelling of the Louie Giglio message (dvd) called How Great is Our God, but it wasn’t at all. Giglio mentions the four stars from his message, but this is all new material.

I purchased the soft cover edition of this book, but I wish I had purchased the hardcover. Throughout the entire book are pictures of stars, galaxies, the universe…and although still impressive in black and white, the full color photo’s would definitely have a far greater impact.

This book is a quick read primarily due to the number of photo’s in it and some pages with a singular quote on it, but it’s not a shallow book. In fact about half way through the book, in trying to comprehend the numbers of how huge the universe it and conversely how small I am, I literally felt a bit dizzy and overwhelmed. I think this is the greatest part of the book, that it creates a sense of awe. I was just continually blown away as I read it.

The use of photo’s, numbers, quotes from astronomers, and scripture is outstanding. This is a very well balanced approach to examining God through His creation.

If you are interested in astronomy or you’re just looking to have your view of God expanded, this is the book for you. I honestly don’t know how someone could read this book and not end up in utter awe of God.

“If God is indescribable, where does that leave us? It leaves us walking more humbly than we’ve ever walked before-bowed at the thought of such a mighty and mysterious God (p. 47).”

giglio and redman


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