Who Am I?

In preparation for a class I was teaching on our identity in Christ, I read three books on the subject. One of those books was Who Am I? by Jerry Bridges (reviews on the others coming shortly). Although this is a fairly short book (95 pages), it is rich with wisdom and great use & exposition of scripture.

Bridges covers the following concerning our identity in Christ:

  • I Am a Creature
  • I Am in Christ
  • I Am Justified
  • I Am an Adopted Son of God
  • I Am a New Creation
  • I Am a Saint
  • I Am a Servant of Christ
  • I Am Not Yet Perfect

The chapters that especially stood out to me were:

  • “I Am Justified” – Bridges does an outstanding job of explaining what it is to be “justified” by God. Great use of scripture and fleshed out in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. This chapter is perfect for someone trying to understand what it is to become a Christian.
  • “I Am a New Creation” – I found this chapter to be incredibly encouraging and so full of hope. His use of Ezekiel 36:26-27 was outstanding and set the tone for the rest of the chapter. He also gives a list of uncomfortably honest questions for self examination on whether or not we are displaying evidence of being a new creation.
  • “I Am a Saint”  I was curious as to how he would unpack this part of our identity and this turned out to be one of my favorite chapters. Bridges does a great job demystifying the word “saint” and makes it very understandable. This chapter was very heavy on the subject of holiness and sanctification.

This really is a powerful little book that reads quick, but carries a lot of weight. Reading the book felt like you were sitting across a coffee table listening to a seasoned pastor share from the depths of his knowledge and experience. I would definitely recommend this book for studying the subject of our identity in Christ.

Jerry Bridges


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