Ed Dobson

A few years ago while visiting Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids MI, I got to hear Ed Dobson preach. I was there hoping to hear Rob Bell, but when the music came to an end they welcomed ‘Ed Dobson’ to the stage. Although he wasn’t large in stature, this man wearing a soccer jersey was enormous in passion for preaching the Bible. He preached on Abraham and Isaac for about 45 minutes and I could have listened for at least another 45 minutes.

After hearing Ed teach just that one time, I developed such an affinity for him. A few years ago I read his book The Year of Living Like Jesus, which I couldn’t put down. It was a book about his journey to live just like Jesus (morally, culturally, scripturally) for a full year. Fantastic book!

Seeing Through The Fog: Hope When Your World Falls Apart is a brilliant yet unassuming book. It is written almost like a journal but not entirely. The book is a tapestry of stories, thoughts, scriptures, struggles, and humor as Ed navigates life with ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease). I laughed out loud at times in the book, and other times was almost brought to tears. Without question this is the most powerful book I have read on the subject of suffering. Ed’s handling of such a powerful and delicate subject is nothing short of masterful.

Of all the sermons I’ve heard and books I’ve read on suffering and healing, this is what I would describe as being the most Biblical. Reading about the questions and thoughts Ed struggles with as this disease progresses, stirred up a lot of emotions in me. You can hear a mix of fear, humility, and confidence as he describes his life and his wrestling with his faith and his disease. This book was so captivating to me that I read the whole thing in one sitting.

Ed is a pastor by calling and he writes with a humble pastors heart. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is dealing with a terminal illness, has a loved one with a terminal illness, or for anyone who has experienced deep loss or struggle.

Below is a video trailer for Ed’s book:


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