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This weekend we looked at Matthew 25:14-30 and what 2013 might hold when it comes to our walk with God.

Take a few minutes to pray and reread the passage. Ask God to speak to your heart about where your relationship is with “the Master”. Based on the passage, ask yourself the following questions:

Q. What has God entrusted to me? (time / knowledge / influence / finances / abilities / a child / a spouse…)

Q. What have I done with what God has entrusted to me?

Q. Do I see God as a loving master who looks to reward me, encourage me, entrust me with more; or do I see Him as an angry God waiting to punish me when I fail? 

Q. What’s stopping me from stepping out in faith and being faithful to care for what God has entrusted to me? (bitterness / fear / misunderstanding of who God is / laziness…)

Q. If the Master (Jesus) came back today, what would He say to me?

Q. Is it my joy to see and know His joy?

May we be a community of believers that doesn’t simply seek to maintain a religious standing, but rather seeks to bring joy to our God and in turn know His joy more than ever before.

Additional passages to read: John 15:1-11 and the Book of James.

You can find the sermon this study is based on HERE.


5 thoughts on “Enter Into His Joy

  1. I have not studied your questions yet. But your question tonight in church about how we use what God gave us. I have to be honest. I felt a bit sad of how I have blown the first 50 years then it came to me in a soothing way “so do better on the next 50” how re assuring.

  2. wow!! your fifth question is one my Catholic Aunt said to me when I was ten when my cousins and I were being mischievous boys. I remember her saying in that Auntish tone “what would you boys do if the Lord came back today” personally I thought our offense was not that bad but in context I imagine the Lord would not have been so happy.

  3. Thanks so much for such a powerful message! I was reminded to accept those gifts that God has entrusted me with……to let go of fear and stop being lazy with them! The message in Matthew 25 touched my heart! These follow up questions are causing me to dig deep…. Thanks, Jon! Happy new year! !

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