Hottest Gift This Christmas

This weekend at Crosswinds we looked at the biblical Christmas story and asked two questions:

Q. What did God give on the very first Christmas?

Q. What should we give in response to what we’ve been given?

I would encourage you to reread the passages we looked at: Luke 1:26-38, Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 2:4-20, and Matthew 2:1-11. As you read these passages, pray and ask God to speak to your heart and mind. After reading the passages, spend some time thinking about these questions:

Q. What names and titles were given to Jesus, and what significance do they carry?

Q. How do His names and titles impact your relationship with Him?

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas story is the reaction of the shepherds. They met Jesus and then they just couldn’t contain themselves. They had to tell everyone what happened and the reaction they got was one of amazement. The gift they gave on that first Christmas was sharing the story of what (who) God gave that Christmas.

Q. Who could you share the story of God’s gift with this Christmas season? (friend, child, spouse, co-worker, parent, sibling, neighbor…)

(NOTE: read John 4:7-42 – God can do some amazing things when we share our stories about who He is and what He’s done.)

* You can find the sermon this study is based on HERE.


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