I can’t believe we are already past the half way point in James. I know for me personally God has been faithful to use His word to challenge and convict me in areas of my heart and life and to encourage me as well. I pray you are having rich times of studying and meditating on His Word. If you have missed any of the classes and would like to catch up you can now listen to them all online right HERE.

The Book of James has some pretty heavy content in it and it might be tempting to either just throw up our hands and give up or to try and live it on our own strength, but both of these paths are exhausting and lead to defeat. Take some time to read John 15:1-11. Here Jesus talks about what it is to follow Him and be in relationship with Him. Think about what it means when Jesus says in vs. 4: “Abide in Me, and I in you.” (NASB). James talks a lot about our actions, the ‘fruit’ of our lives. Spend a few minutes in John 15:1-11 looking at all Jesus says about our lives bearing ‘fruit’. Especially give some thought to vs. 8. I love how Jesus wraps up this section telling us that this is about knowing His joy in our lives (vs. 11).

Last night we talked about the World War II poster “Loose Lips Sink Ships”, and I think it’s clear in chapter 3 that James would concur that our words have the power to cause considerable damage.

We looked at the root of where our words come from (reread: James 3:3-12 & Matthew 12:33-37). When it comes to the things you say, what does it say about your heart? What is the ‘fruit’ of your words? Spend some time reading through these passages from the Book of Proverbs 10:19, 12:18, 15:1, and 17:27. Spend some time in prayer using Psalm 139:23-24 as a guide.

Spend a few minutes rereading James 3:13-18 and listen for God’s voice speaking to you on the subject of wisdom. After some time of reading and listening, spend some time praying as James 1:5-8 instructs us.

See you next week (Wednesday Dec. 05 @ 7:00pm) as we dive into James 4.


2 thoughts on “WEEK #3 – The Book of James

  1. I really like Jn 15:3 the WORD was spoken and we were clean thank you Jesus!!, without Jesus we are toast. I read ahead and am sinking my teeth into Jms 4:12 thankful to know it is not my duty to judge since I did not write the law.

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