Ministry is always a pouring out of yourself. It’s giving and serving. It’s about wanting and working for the best, for others. With that said, there is always a receiving. In fact in my experience I always feel like I received much more than I gave or could ever give.

While at Children’s Nest Orphanage I met an amazing young man named Derek. Due to his brilliant sense of humor and comedic timing I instantly connected with him. Just his smile alone when we’d show up in the morning brought a chuckle out of me.

One day the kids were asking us to throw them up in the air and catch them. Many of us on the team did this until our arms and backs felt like they were going to give out. When I got to Derek I went to throw him in the air, but he clamped his arms down on my hands and looked at me with these HUGE eyes and started moving his arms and legs like he was a frog. I absolutely lost it and burst out laughing. Right away he knew by my reaction that I loved it and thought it was hilarious, and that was going to give him reason to ask to me to do that over and over and over again.

So for four days, multiple times a day, Derek asked if we could do “the frog”, and I did as much as my arms and back could handle it. What was cool though, is that although we were there to serve and give to the children, Derek was giving to me, and he knew it. He knew that “the frog” made me laugh so hard. So as we served and loved the children, they loved and served us, and gave us the priceless gift of real, genuine joy.


3 thoughts on “Unpacking Zambia (Part 2)

  1. Who knew you would need so much physical strength just to play with some kids? I actually had the thought, after hanging out with your team one afternoon, “Man, I should have lifted weights before this trip.” My arms and shoulders and back were aching so badly!

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