This is a project that I am incredibly excited about. Check it out! 

The Vision Behind the Choma Edition SM57

Our goal is to build a recording studio in Choma, Zambia. The goal by itself leads to questions. Why? Well, ask the students who attend the Academy of Music in Choma, and they will tell you their stories. Stories of hope, comfort, and rescue that music provides.  Our goal is to capture these dreams….to inspire the people around them….to build up new economic possibilities with a brand new industry….to record hope. The SM57 is a legendary product that finds its way into the collection of tools of almost every musician and audio engineer around the world.  There is no level of expertise that can be attained that renders an SM57 as an undesired tool.  Our vision is to create a way for the musicians and engineers around the world to connect with this project in a way that we are already connected.  The SM57 by Shure is the bridge that comes to mind.  That is why we have created the SM57 Choma Edition.  There is nothing different about these 57s.  They are the same great tool that you have come to know and love. It’s custom engraving is what sets it apart that will remind it’s owners of how they have literally transformed lives by buying into this project.  Please consider purchasing a Choma Edition Shure SM57.  Music is everywhere in Africa, and very little resources are available to share it with the world.  The beginning of this project will be focused on building a functioning recording studio and training locals to operate it.  There will be an ongoing effort of training and equipping the people of Zambia and the Choma Academy of Music to learn this new trade and provide something of immense value to their community.


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