Well, we only have one week left in Choma and then we will head to Livingstone for two days and then we will board a plane to head back to NY. This week is going to be a strange mix of both celebration and sadness.

Our last seven days here in Choma are filled with scheduled visits and meals as we say goodbye to friends and to what has become home for us this year. Months ago, Choma stopped feeling like a foreign place and very much became home. Even when we’d visit Livingstone and Lusaka, which are much more “Western type cities,” it always felt right coming back to Choma.

We are heading into this week with such mixed emotions. I know there will be big laughs, tears, handshakes, hugs, well wishes, and heartfelt goodbyes, and I pray we do a good job mourning what we are leaving behind, but also a great job in celebrating what we are leaving with. New friends, new values, new perspective, new vision, and new hope.

When sharing with a friend back home about my time in Zambia, I said I feel like being in Zambia has in a way “saved my soul.” I will never be able to fully express the impact living here has had on my heart, but I thank God for this opportunity and I thank all my family, friends, and church who supported us both financially and in prayer. Thank you so much, or as they say in Tonga “twalumba maningi.”


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