There’s nothing quite as annoying as being interrupted. We’ve all had the experience of having someone start talking over us while we were in mid sentence. This catches us off guard and disrupts our flow of thought and action.

After almost two months of my health getting increasingly more uncomfortable and having come up short in finding the reasons why, we decided it was the best thing to do to leave Zambia and return to New York for a medical leave. We’ve been home for two weeks now and I have done numerous tests and gone to a number of doctors appointments. I still don’t have answers, but the doctors are scheduling more appointments and tests.

Being home brings lots of mixed emotions. It has been amazing and so refreshing to see my family and friends, I am loving eating good old American food, and you just can’t beat autumn in New York. At the same time I really miss my friends in Zambia. I miss laughing and playing with the kids at the orphanage. And I miss hearing tonga every day (and trying my best to speak it).

Not sure how long we will be in New York. The thing about interruptions is that we never know when they’ll come along and we don’t get to control them. So the best we can do is to just roll with them. Our plans sometimes get interrupted and as annoying or as jarring as that might be, that’s life, and that’s ok.

* Thank you to all my family, friends (at home and in Zambia), and World Hope for all your support and prayers as we figure this health stuff out. I feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing and caring people in my life.


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