So today I bought Adam Sandler’s newest movie, Grown Ups, on dvd. While putting it into the dvd rack by the tv I realized that this is my tenth Adam Sandler movie. He is by far the actor with the most movies in my small collection of dvd’s.

What I like about Sandler is his jr. high-ish sense of humor (which is hilarious) and his ability to bring powerful emotion into his acting and movies (not all of them, but a few). Also, he always surrounds himself with his friends which makes the jokes and comedic chemistry very consistent.

Here are my Top Ten Sandler movies:

10 – Bedtime Stories (cute kids movie with a few good laughs)

9 – The Wedding Singer (80’s theme and the old lady – super funny)

8 – Water Boy (ridiculous with some very memorable lines)

7 – 50 First Dates (Schneider & Astin were non-stop laughs)

6 – Grown Ups (loved seeing Sandler just laugh with his friends)

5 – Spanglish (outstanding acting and powerful emotion)

4 – Big Daddy (super funny and touching all at the same time)

3 – Mr Deeds (just a great feel good movie)

2 – Click (great laughs – great message)

1 – Reign Over Me (Sandler’s best acting – powerful film)


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